Chapter 25 Excerpt: I Can’t Find My Face

Chapter 25 Excerpt: I Can’t Find My Face

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The first few years of a relationship are called the honeymoon period for a reason. Things are easy in the beginning. You’re full of endorphins, and nothing bad has happened yet. You think you know the person you’re dating, how they feel about you, and how they will handle the difficult times that are sure to come. Jake and I have done a lot in the last few years but none of it has been difficult or truly tested us. We’ve been talking a lot lately about life, and how we think we will handle the many things that can go wrong, but we’re just talking.

While driving back to Los Angeles Jake asked if there was anywhere I wanted to go while passing by Santa Barbara. He was driving my SUV and I was in the passenger seat.

“There’s a coffee shop I want to go to.”

“A coffee shop?”

“Yah, it’s called…”

“Oh shit,” he yelled.

I was smacked in the side by the passenger airbag as the tail end of a red car hit the side door and pushed us into the center divider of the FWY. Every airbag went off and the windshield broke. We stopped and I panicked. A smoky powder was pouring out of the airbags and I thought the car was on fire.

“I can’t get out,” I whispered.

“Are you ok?” Jake asked.

“Yes I think so. Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes, I can’t get my seatbelt off,” I said.

He reached over and helped me with my seatbelt.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” he asked.

“I think so, my skin hurts here,” I said and rubbed my hand across the front of my neck and chest.

“You have a burn,” he said. Strangers were around the car and both of our doors opened. I got out of the car. Other than extreme adrenaline I felt ok.

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