How I Save Money Shopping Online

How I Save Money Shopping Online

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Honey. If so, why aren’t you using it? If not let me explain what you are missing! It’s the best way to save money online and they give you several chances to save money.

The first step is to join honey which you do for FREE by clicking here. Joining is incredibly easy and doesn’t require much from the user. It currently only works with the Google Chrome browser. I know people are very committed to their browsers but the savings are worth the change. After you join a tiny yellow h will appear on your Google tool bar. Mine is right next to my Pinterest pin.

Next, shop online as usual. If you use Amazon Honey will save you a lot of money in two ways.

  1. Search for an item on Amazon. When you think you have found it, click the Honey button that you just installed or the one that will appear in your Amazon search window. Honey will show you if there’s a cheaper option. Amazon sells millions of products and sometimes their algorithm can’t show you every instance of the product you are searching. If the same item is available for less money, it might be buried in an endless list of products you don’t want to look through. This is where Honey saves you money. If you have the best deal it highlights the button that says best deal. If not, it brings up a list of cheaper options.
  2. Another way to save money with Honey is on other sites such as Sephora or When you’re shopping on those sites, click the Honey link and it will show you available coupons and rebates you can add to your purchase.
  3. You can also earn rewards which are anywhere from 1%-10% on your entire purchase. Those come back to you as points you can convert to Amazon gift cards. They automatically load into your Honey account.

Guess what, there’s more. They give you a link you can email to friends. If a friend signs up through a link and makes a purchase, you get more rewards. Go save some money on the things you are already going to buy.

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